15 Key Items For The Spring Fashionista

March 23, 2016

Spring is finally here and with it comes new fresh looks filled with color as compared to Winter. I’ve compiled a list of my top 15 Spring must-haves for your wardrobe to be completely well rounded this season and looking like a true fashionista! My examples given are just that, you don’t have to stick to what is shown. Let your personal style come through and invest in items that cater to you best! Are you ready?! Let’s do this……


1.) Blush or Rose Colored Piece

I love this light color for Spring and how fresh and romantic it looks! Blush is really trending and you can have it in a piece of clothing (like my trench above) or you can invest in an accessory that is a blush color. This color also looks good on so many skin tones! Blush can be worn well into Summer and even Fall with the right outfit so it’s worth investing in! Check out this example of a perfect blush colored piece!

2.) Lightweight Trench

Spring is perfect for bringing out a lightweight trench because the weather isn’t too hot yet and it’s a fun layering piece to play with. My trench I’m wearing above is one of my favorites! It’s the perfect blush color and drapes beautifully on the body for an effortless chic look. You can buy a trench that has lots of buckles and buttons for a more military inspired look or you can get one without all of that if you want more of a soft look. Have a look at this one!

3.) Camel Colored Piece

This light beige/brown color is perfect for Spring as well because it’s so versatile and goes with almost everything in your closet! It’s a great neutral to own. You can have a lightweight trench in this color and knockout two of these fifteen pieces or you can buy a lightweight sweater or blazer for Spring in this color to layer on any outfit. This color is so timeless and makes your outfit look more expensive. Here’s a perfect example!

4.) Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

My dad always asks me “Why do you buy jeans with holes in them?! I could make those for you!” I just have to laugh because it is silly when you think about how ripped jeans have become such a fashion trend these days. I just keep telling my dad “I buy them because they have a tethered and textured look to them that adds to an outfit and doesn’t look too perfect, but don’t ask me how that trend got started.” It’s true though, ripped jeans add a weathered look and give a relaxed vibe to your outfit. It’s even more of a juxtaposition to wear ripped jeans with heels, mixing old with high fashion. Wether you like tighter denim or looser boyfriend jeans, definitely invest in something with holes and rips for this season. Check out this look!

5.) Lace Up Shoes

Lace Ups have become widely popular in footwear and I’m loving everything from ballet flats to heels that you lace up like a ballet shoe. This trend isn’t going anywhere fast. So invest in some comfy ballet flats if you aren’t a heel person or both for a well rounded look. I’d go with a simple black or nude color to start out, like this!

6.) Bucket Bag

I love bucket bags and their “bucket” shape. It’s something different than a normal looking purse or handbag that you see everyday. My favorites are the ones that come with fringe tassels on them, like this one!

7.) Florals, Florals, Florals

Spring is for floral patterns and fabrics and I can’t get enough of them! Whether you invest in a more muted floral print or a loud and colorful floral print, you are going to want to have something in your closet this Spring that represents florals well. Once you have this its super easy and fun to pair florals with fringe or a felt hat (some of the later trends talked about on this list) or even a denim jacket and so forth. Here’s a floral print I’m craving this season!

8.) Chambray Top

A chambray top just means denim, and denim is definitely a great look for spring! Whether it’s your jeans or your top (usually not both combined unless it’s different colors of denim) you WILL be seeing denim this Spring so hop on the train and get this trend for yourself! You want to buy a denim shirt that is big enough for you to button it up all the way in case you want to wear it as your only top but also not too big to where you loose your shape. Many times chambray tops look really cute layered over a tank, blouse or dress so this is a great option too. Check out this look!

9.) White Jeans

White jeans are a must for all year round and are so classy and chic. I love my white jeans really fitted and sleek but you can also buy ones that are ripped and a bit looser for a different look. Have a look here!

10.) Fringe

This is another trend that is sticking around! Whether you have fringe on your boots or sandals for Spring or a bag with fringe on it or even your clothing, you definitely want to add some sass to your wardrobe with these easy pieces. Fringe can be classy and couture, it can be boho and it can be retro. Just decide what your style is and buy accordingly. Here’s an example of some fringe I just love!

11.) Lace

Every girl needs some lace in her closet! My favorite lace pieces are the ones that are two tonal, meaning there are two colors in the garment so the lace pops more and you can see all the intricate details. Lace is so soft and romantic and what more could you ask for Spring! Here’s a perfect look using lace!

12.) Felt Hat

Hats are so fun to add to any outfit and give so much character! I love ones that have a buckle or feather detailing around the crown of them. I would gravitate towards hats that are more of a neutral color (black, nude, brown, grey) to start so that they will go with a lot of things in your closet and then from there you can build on colors (wine colored hats are some of my favs). Check out this look!

13.) Structured Bag

This is a must for every lady out there and their Spring wardrobe! Unlike the bucket bag mentioned earlier, a structured bag is just that ….. it is structured. It has a boxy shape and adds a classier and simple vibe to your look and works with every possible outfit combination. There are plenty of expensive designer bags you can purchase if you want to invest in that; however, you don’t need to spend tons of money to have the same look! There are very affordable structured bags out there. You will forever use this so get to it …… be inspired by this one!

14.) Green Army Jacket

There’s something about Spring and all the fresh flowers blooming and the trees and grass beaming with green hues that screams new life and vibrant colors. That said green is definitely a Spring color to get on board with! Whether it’s an army looking jacket you layer on top of a stripped dress or a green trench coat  or even green cargo pants or denim. you are going to want to add this fresh color to your closet. Check out this outfit!

15.) Statement Vest

Last but not least is the statement vest! I love these vests because they drape so pretty on the body and add layers without getting too crazy hot. There are so many different kinds of vests out there (business chic, flowy and romantic, preppy, boho, etc) but know your personal style and what you’re comfortable with and then have fun trying on lots of different vests you see! One’s likely to stick. Here’s a look to inspire you!


That’s my list of 15 items for this Spring you fashionistas! I hope it inspires you to think outside the box and invest in some of these pieces for yourself, if you don’t already have them!


Fallon Elizabeth


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    Great ideas!!! Love my hats and lace!

    • Reply Fallon Elizabeth March 26, 2016 at 3:47 am

      Thank you Stephanie!! I know, I do too! 😉

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